The Port Feeder Barge is intended to be deployed as a green logistic innovation within ports world-wide in order to ease internal container operations, road congestion, highway and bridge wear  and  overall carbon foot print reduction.  The innovative vessel is a smart alternative to road trucking. It will transit between the various terminals shifting the inter-port container haulage from road to waterway.

Daily round-the-port-service can be provided. The vessel can call at major terminals on a regular basis and serve smaller facilities on demand.  

The PORT FEEDER BARGE provides sustainability 


Road haulage and carbon foot print reduction


Inter-port container trucking within and around ports causes additional congestion, delays in delivery and unplanned wear and tear to existing infrastructure. 

The Port Feeder Barge is designed to shift inter-port haulage from road to waterway. Due to its own unique container crane the Port Feeder Barge is capable of transferring containers between the terminals independently from the costly imported cranes now in use.   Outlying areas can be served without major infrastructure improvements.  The PFB requires only 10 feet of water draft.

Compared to trucking the Port Feeder Barge provides inter-port box transfer ...

  • At very competitive costs
  • 168  TEU Capacity
  • Oversized container handling capability
  •  at a very low environmental  impact
  • Safe low risk transport
  • Labor savings


Intermodal Logistics


At many ports container vessels need to call at several different terminals where their customers have commitments to deliver goods.

The Port Feeder Barge can distribute and collect containers to/from the various terminal quays enabling the vessels to concentrate on the major terminals only.  Hence the time consuming, costly and risky operation of vessel shifting within the ports can be significantly reduced.

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